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Fleur De Lis Necklace

Fleur De Lis Necklace

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Add a touch of regal elegance to your look with our exquisite Fleur De Lis necklace in 18k gold. This stunning piece features a delicate 18k gold chain, crafted Fleur De Lis flower that showcases intricate details and a timeless design.

Crafted by skilled artisans, the Fleur De Lis is a symbol of royalty and refinement, with a rich history that dates back to medieval times. The 18k gold chain is lightweight and comfortable to wear.

Perfect for both casual and formal occasions, this Fleur De Lis necklace in 18k gold is a versatile and sophisticated accessory that adds a touch of glamour to any outfit. Whether you're dressing up for a special event or adding a touch of luxury to your everyday look, this necklace is sure to become a treasured piece in your jewelry collection.

Product Detail:

  • 18k Yellow Gold
  • Bracelet Weight 4.8g
  • Necklace Weight 12g
  • Necklace Length 42cm
  • Bracelet Length 18cm

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