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Natural Gemstone Skinny Band - Natural Blue Sapphire

Natural Gemstone Skinny Band - Natural Blue Sapphire

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Experience the stunning beauty of our 18k Gold Gemstone Ring in Natural Green Garnet, Natural Blue Sapphire, or Natural Yellow Sapphire, a captivating simple piece that captures the essence of timeless elegance. This ring features 0.25ct gemstones that covers half the band.

Our Favorite: Pair all 3 together to creates an enchanting and sophisticated look that is perfect for any occasion. The gemstones are carefully selected and set in a classic, yet contemporary design, to add a touch of glamour and sparkle. Its classic design ensures it never goes out of style, and its high-quality materials ensure it will last a lifetime.

This band is versatile enough to be worn alone or paired with other rings to create a unique and personalized look. A true masterpiece of jewelry design, the 18k Gold Gemstone Ring is a perfect addition to any jewelry collection.

Product Detail:

18k White Gold
Band weight 1.1g
0.25ct Natural Blue Sapphire 

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